Thursday, October 07, 2004

Occupation Watch --Observers in IRAQ!

About this wonderful coalition IN IRAQ:

An international coalition of peace and justice groups, together with Iraqi counterparts, has launched a Baghdad-based International Occupation Watch Center and the website The purpose of Occupation Watch is to:

*Monitor the economic and reconstruction policies under occupation, including the activities of international corporations, and advocate for the Iraqis' right to control their own resources, especially oil;

*Pressure the occupying forces to fulfill their financial responsibilities to rebuild Iraq;

*Monitor the political transition to Iraqi self-rule;

*Work collaboratively with other human rights groups to document violations of human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly by the occupation administration and governing council, and advocate for the elimination of these violations;

*Research the dynamics, programs, and composition of the Iraqi movement to resist occupation in order to provide a more comprehensive picture to the international community;

*Examine any changes in the rights and freedoms of Iraqi women under occupation, disseminate this information, and help facilitate links between local and international womens groups;

*Monitor the impact of the occupation on employment and working conditions, disseminate this information and help facilitate links between local and international worker rights groups;

*Monitor the impact of the occupation on daily life, including access to the basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, education and health care, and advocate on behalf of the social and economic rights of the Iraqi people;

*Host fact-finding missions and international delegations that are visiting Iraq for purposes compatible with the center's mission.

Founding organizations of the International Occupation Watch Center are:
Bridges to Baghdad
CodePink: Women for Peace
Global Exchange
Focus on the Global South
United for Peace and Justice

Vsist their site for information and testimony in all areas of social concern. It is updated every day and the facts posted have proven verifiable and timely. p.swartzfager

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