Monday, May 30, 2005

New Orleans Paper Censors UR Iraq story!


Peter Kovacs, the Managing News Editor of the New Orleans Times- Picayune
Censors DU Testing Legislation Story
By Dennis Kyne
May 13, 2005, 07:43

Peter Kovacs, the Managing News Editor of the New Orleans Times- Picayune,
the region’s major daily newspaper, in a telephone conversation with
veterans advocate Bob Smith, and a Times-Picayune political analyst stated
that a story concerning a bill giving the right for service women and men
from Louisiana to a best practices health-screening test for exposure to
depleted uranium would not be published.

The reason Kovacs gave was because the bill was not costing the state any
money. Kovacs went on to say that the Times Picayune criteria for
newsworthiness was how much it would cost.

The fact that the bill supports the troops’ health concerns is not the
criteria. Four other media outlets in the region have already covered the
story expressing concerns for the troops.

On Tuesday, May 3rd, The Louisiana State House of Representatives passed a
bill to give the right to all Louisiana Servicemen and women returning from
Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom for testing for depleted
uranium contamination.

Louisiana is the first state in the nation to have their House pass this
type of bill. The vote was 101 to 0 in favor.

The Louisiana Brigade, with approximately 4,500 National Guardsmen, is
expected to return home from Iraq between October and December 2005.

DU is radioactive and can cause leukemia, DNA breakdown, various other
cancers, and birth defects in offspring of soldiers who have come into
contact with it.

The VA and the DOD have been conducting testing that is not sensitive enough
to detect whether a soldier has been contaminated.

This bill would have helped alleviate that by pressuring the State’s
Adjutant General to insure that the test mandated by DOD orders and Army
regulations would be executed.

The “money” criteria used by the New Orleans Times-Picayune is shocking in
light of the fact that the country is at war and legislation supporting the
troops health concerns is of utmost importance.
Former Sgt. Dennis Kyne
If you are wondering what it is like to be on the ground in Iraq during a
real live Nuclear Radiation War, Dennis Kyne is your man. Dennis is a former
Drill Sergeant who knows what it is like and describes the hazards of a
battle using Uranium based bullets, shells, land mines and bombs and the
present-time dangers of radioactive uranium gas. - Bob Nichols

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By Bob Nichols

May 27, 2005--A dedication in 2120 might say: Dedicated to the memory of
the Iraqi people. Many people believe Iraq was the birthplace of
civilization some 5,000 years ago. Iraq was destroyed and radioactively
contaminated in an early 21st Century Oil War by a fascist world power,
now extinguished.

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